Because of our passion for these very special styles, enter to this on line boudoir entirely dedicated to the fantasy jewelery, creative and stylish : from the ring to the customized hair accessories.

We also offer hair accessories for all required or specifically for your short or long haircut during your wedding.

“Sautoir & Poudrier” creations are elegant, they will complete your outfit with grace. Your accessories will always be consistent with your style.

Each ornament is handmade.



Bride’s style is becoming more and more feminine, stylish and refined which explains the enthusiasm for some retro chic style.

Each material is carefully chosen for you to create a unique ornement.  We put our expertise in place to customize your accessories and jewelry.  Because of the handmade we can infinitely customize your creations. Every detail is carefully made according to your desires and wishes. This way of working also allows the process of making unique ornaments.

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