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You’ve got your dress but you don’t know what kind of accessory may fit with it…

You possess your precious wedding dress or another dress.  You took care of choosing a dress according to your taste and desire, something which reflects your personality.  It is of course natural that you should do the same regarding to your accessories

We invite you to send us with the help of the personalized request form a picture of your dress.  Please, take time to fill this form with all details about your envies and wishes.  We will analyze what all the needed care your requests and contact you back as soon as possible to expose our ideas.


You would like to have a personal accessory but you are still not sure about your choice…

It is sometimes difficult to make a choice about a accessory.  Our online shop proposes you different kind of stylish items to allow you to find your happiness.  We surely take a specialattention to all kind of your questions, and we are ready to advice the best we can.  Our experience allows us to help you in your choice of an accessory which will fit perfectly with your style and outfit.

Each presented accessory in our online shop is customizable and will reflect your wishes.  You day will be unique, and your accessories as well !



How is possible to get a customized accessory ?

You will get married soon ?  a big event is on its way ?  You’re found of a retro, vintage or glamour style ?

You can’t find what you are looking for in the proposed items but you like the style of Sautoir et Poudrier ?  Please, inform us about your desire by using the personalized request form.

It will be a pleasure for us to answer as soon as possible to your request by creating for you an unique and typical accessory or jewel.  Don’t forget to mention  the date of the D Day, and please don’t hesitate to send us pictures of your outfit and wishes as well.  We will take all the needed time to make your whishes becoming true.  We will create a mutual collaboration based on what you are expecting from us.  We will also send you an estimation of the costs and delay delivery.

A prototype of your project will be set up with the requested material.  By example, if your request is about a hairstyle accessory, it will be presented on a frigolite head.  The example will be put together only with pins and not fixed for real.  This will give you a better idea of your personal creation and will also give you the possibility to modify the item if needed.  This process is also valid for the pins, evening pochette or all kind of different items.  Jewels will be fully assembled and disassembled for a change if necessary.

This Exchange will be exclusively by mails, or if you live in the area, an appointment may be considered in our workshops.

 Once the prototype is validated by you, the article will be totally assembled by hand in our workshops. Your accessory will then be sent to the address specified during your purchase.